Many factors can render your land unsuitable for construction even before its acquisition. Waste discharge or poor treatment of soil are recurring problems, harmful to the environment and for the good health of your future construction.

Franck Fer offers decontamination solutions adapted to your problem and carried out by our skilled technicians.

Decontamination, a necessary benefit for the environment, for industrial sites and for social landlords

remediation franckferThe decontamination of land is not necessarily associated with construction. It is also important to be more aware of our environment. With adequate treatment, some landfills or abandoned urban wasteland can become places of life.
Decontamination is a preferred solution for future generations, and the work undertaken by our teams allows for a complete remediation of a site, enabling the transformation of a contaminated zone into a habitable zone or even a public garden.
Decontamination through excavation, treatment of the air, but also chemical treatment and physical and biological treatments are part of what we do.

The various sanitation techniques offered by Franck Fer

Our company offers various technical solutions for public sanitation, particularly on behalf of social landlords or non-collective sanitation.

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