Demolition is not always the only solution when it comes to making a structure disappear. It is also possible to completely disassemble a component in order to provide it with a different future purpose or to recover materials that could be reused or recycled.

Disassembly, a thorough study of structures

dismantling franckferDismantling is not improvised. Large structures are a real headache and therefore require a thorough study of the element as well as a precision and a thorough methodology. First, we study the plans, and if they do not exist, we compile new ones after observing and cross-checking with similar structures.
Our technicians study the plan and establish a dismantling method. If the structure is to be reused, all the components should be stored so as to reassemble everything as efficiently as possible. For structures that are subsequently unable to be used, it is necessary to target and isolate the parts that can be recycled or reclaimed.

Dismantling, an economic and ecological solution

franckfer dismantlingWith the techniques and tools available to Franck Fer, it is possible to consider the dismantling of your structures. So you can rethink your facilities or reuse them on other sites or even sell them.
It is also possible to target a part of the structure in order to disassemble it while sparing neighbouring buildings.

Metal is often a recyclable material, and we are able to disassemble the metallic elements that can be processed on specialised sites.

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